UI/UX Designer


As a UI/UX DESIGNER, you will work along with other artists, game designers/ product owner, and programmer. You will have responsibilities for wireframe, Game User Interface visual design until arrange it to unity. It is our best interest that UI/UX designers can also do the UI animation, design some Icons, doing some layouts for screenshots, etc. We won’t limit your work in just doing UI/UX, we encourage you to try other aspects of game development as well, by understanding our limitations and media through other game development aspect, it will make your UI/UX design decision better


  • Strong in layout, composition, color, font, iconography and design skills
  • Able to solve problems through design
  • Able to make UI/UX wireframe from a design brief
  • Able to design fittings UI visuals to the chosen theme/ artstyle
  • Ability to adapt to company culture, have integrity, and self-responsibility

We are glad if you can fill most of the requirements, but above all things, we value your good attitude and your personality. We want our employees to take joy in their work, and this includes you!


  • Being able to make what you love and take pride in your own masterpiece.
  • We call ourselves Ohana. Joyseed will be a second home for you!
  • We value each other’s ideas, whatever their positions and roles are.
  • We want you to be able to plant joy and make an impact on others.

Joyseed isn’t just a game company. We are passionate and persistent about who we are. As a part of a growing company, you will sometimes experience ups and downs. We believe the best lesson we can give is by providing you the real-world experience.


Prepare your documents and apply by clicking on this link: UI/UX Designer Application.
We hope to hear good news from you!!