daydream: the beginning
hardcore ever-changing story action pack games
Follow the journey of Mondo, a shepherd boy who has a big dream to become a great knight. Fight his way into the world and revealing every truth behind every encounters. Each time he fall/die there will be a different stories. Learn from your mistake before your enemy learn from their mistake. Absorb enemies abilities, and use it on your own. Find your friends and fight together and see how your path cross.
coming soon
daydream: the beginning is on hold
Daydream: The Beginning is actually already on the third stage of revision. Our vision for the game is too big for us right now. We already showcase the first and second version and got so many feedback from the player. On this third stage, we feel that we must hold this project for the company to survive. One thing for sure that we won’t leave Daydream behind, while many people are questioning and waiting, we will keep doing our best to deliver this game later in the future. Daydream itself had many stories and it is Joyseed’s first game, it was like our first ladder to this game industry itself. For updates about Daydream, you can follow us to the link below.
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