a tale of revenge about stolen underpants
Mr. Boulder is the "Fashionable" Champion of the Rock Kingdom. One day his collections of heroic Wonderpants got stolen by the jealous Empire of Scissor. Enraged, he storms the castle of Her Sharpness Empress Clipper and relentlessly crushes swarm of soldiers to get his Wonderpants back. With the help from Pebble, his trusty and always loyal sidekick, they will chase down Her Sharpness Empress Clipper to the end of the world.
roll, jump, and crush swarm of enemies to take back your wonderpants!
Upgrade your Wonderpants and with perfect timing, launch Mr. Boulder faster than ever. Build and maintain your speed, be it a swarm of enemies or even a massive wall, don't let anything stop you! You are unstoppable! Find interesting enemies along your path. Each of them has unique behavior and you can ride on them to help you storm the castle! Tons of unique and funny Wonderpants. Get everything back and stay "Fashionable"!
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