an epic idle simulation of movie making experience
Follow the journey of being the best director in the world. Simulate your own directing style in movie making using variety of diverse talents. Let the movie production progress on its own while you are doing your work or tap your screen like crazy, to fasten the progress. Be a part of exciting and thrilling path to discover all kinds of talents and create the best movie of all time.
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dare to explore, be bold, be different
Discover diversity of talents by upgrading their attributes and evolve them. You can get more than 40+ different character parody based on famous celebrities and movie characters. Unlock new Buildings as you progress through the game. Tv shows, new Studio, and Trophies room are unlockables and each of them has its own purposes. Tv Shows let you have passive income while you are not making any movie or even when you are not playing the game. New Studios to let you makes even more movies. Trophies room to let you prestige and discover new permanent bonuses. Be bold and explore deeper.
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