Welcome to our Website

Aug 22, 2017

Joyseed Gametribe 

gladly present to you and also welcome you to our official website, https://www.joyseedgametribe.com/ . First of all we would like to thank you all for everyone who have supported us from the beginning, family, friends, colleagues and also our community that have been with us from the beginning. We have finally established our official website to let people see our products, updates and even what is going on within our company. This is all to let the people to know more about us and even communicate with us.

In our official site, we have several contents for you, not strictly to the player but also developer. We have in our home page, a general preview of what is the content in our site, in which you can directly access, to see more details. Game page, which content is all about our games that we have developed and you click on it to see more about them. Diary, which contain our latest updates, news and our activities to keep you updated of what is happening to Joyseed. Family page will show you what is our objectives, mission, and our cultures. It also let you know whether we have job vacancies to let you join our family. Shop page is still on development, but it will contain our merchandise that we are going to sell. Lastly, you can contact us to our email or call us directly. You can also leave your email, so that you can get updates on our products, news, or special promotions.

Once again, Welcome to our official website. Thank you for visiting us, and don’t forget to subscribe, contact us if there is any feedback or advices, they are all deeply appreciated, and hopefully we can working on it to improve ourselves. Let’s stay awesome and thank you for making this happen.