Hollywhoot Behind Stories

Sep 22, 2017

Hollywhoot that’s what we call this game on the first time, we wanted to make Hollywood parody, and slang word, “whoot” popped out from our head and yeah, that’s the first time when we decided to develop a new game, after long learning point from developing Daydream. My name is Boy Dozan, a game designer, also the artist on this game, and here i want to share Hollywhoot behind stories.Start from Objective Our aim was to develop a game that we were able to deliver! That’s our goal, so after a long journey with Daydream, we realized that the project was way bigger than us. So we decided to make something new, something more doable, something we can deliver, then we came up with the idea of incremental game with movie simulation theme, so that how we started Hollywhoot idea. “Discovery” is the key word from Hollywhoot, so we want this game to feel a lot of discovery element. I remember when I was kid, i played a game called Digimon World, it felt so amazing to discover each evolution. Here I am, wanting to bring back this feeling to players through playing Hollywhoot. “Why try to fit in when you born to stand out?” A quote from Dr. Seuss that got me slapped right in the face, nowadays people will try to be someone else, to fit in society, why? We born to stand out, so just explore and be yourself. That’s the main value in this game. In Hollywhoot, we want player to discover and explore many thing, explore the best actor / actress, explore the best movie, and a lot of other things! In Hollywhoot, player will play as a Director, who has a dream to become the most successful director in the world. He must build his own version of Hollywhoot to make his dream comes true. Player will be able to create a movie with talents that they have, train their talents to become a better talent, and also developing tv show to make more revenue! 

Short about Hollywhoot

I will tell you more detail about Hollywhoot gameplay. You will be able to make a movie with your talent, each talent have their income and affinity on each genre, so your goal is to make a great movie to get more income. Revenue that you get is needed to develop Hollywhoot, hire more talent, train your talent, and discover their evolutions. You can train their physical, charisma and acting. All of this will refer to what he/she will evolve. Also you have tv show for passive income. This is all to make a progress in Hollywhoot, to become richer and successful. We are using movie parody, to make this game more fun, humorous, and create happiness. We have Captain Steroid, Harry Potato, Tinderella, and 40+ of fun parody characters.

So right now Hollywhoot has been developed for 26 weeks, quite long, right? Yes, we made revision for some of the characters in the middle of development because of some copyright issue (sometimes it is hard to make a clear path about parody and copycat, maybe i can write letter about our experience about this), and we have a target to release Hollywhoot by the end of this year. Right now this game is already on pre-alpha phase, we still make some changes to see which and what not works after many feedbacks from the audience. Hopefully we can finish the game on time so you guys able to try it as soon as possible in late 2017! You can check Pre-Alpha Trailer of this game on Hollywhoot page! Thanks for the support and Jolly joy!