Game of The Year IGI Compfest 9

Oct 6, 2017

Ignite the Spirit

In September 16-17th, we are participate in final event Indie Game Ignite. Our game Hollywhoot is one of 15 other indie finalists. Indie Game Ignite is local game development competition, held by Computer Science Faculty, Universitas Indonesia. This event has goal to support any indie game developer in Indonesia. We are glad, because Indie Game Ignite care about game industry in Indonesia, specially who are still in growing phase.

Final phase is held with seminar from many mentors in game development, a short presentation about our game to judges, and finally, the awarding night. We very exciting to be a part this final event, we’ve made lot of friends, met other developers, sharing, networking, crack some joke to each other, it was a good experience. There was 15 indie games, each one of them have good potential and unique idea. Like the name on this event, “Ignite”, meant to ignite our spirit as indie game developer.

A Moment We Have a Waiting For

After all the team presentation finished, the coordinator then ask us to get ready and dress ourselves in our fancy Batik outfits, it was like 4pm afternoon and somehow the weather felt quite hot, all of us were sweating, but after a little bit of wait, the bus finally come. The awarding event was held at the ballroom of Margo Hotel. The Compfest 9 award starts with quite a lot of other category nominations as well, like business programing, junior programing award and so on. After an hour or so, finally the nomination for Indie Game Ignite is about to begin. As Rudy Rachman, founder of Vifth Floor went up to the podium to read the winner list, the room filled with silence, our eyes and ears are focusing on him. He then began his opening speech followed with the explanation of what are the categories for the nomination.

The Result is

Thank GOD, we able to get Game of the Year and Best Visual in Indie Game Ignite. All credit goes to all Joyseed team, we were very relieved, when hear our name is called to be Game of the Year on Indie Game Ignite. Here the full list of winner

Game of the Year : Hollywhoot – Joyseed Gametribe

First Runner Up : Roo Jack – Grim Pros

Second Runner Up : Salah Sambung – Rolling Glory

Best Mechanic : Roo Jack – Grim Pros

Best Visual : Hollywhoot – Joyseed Gametribe

Best Sound : Paw Paw Paw – Simpleton

Best Rising Star : Tap and Switch – Flip Team

It’s one of the most rewarding moment for us, especially after working on this game around 8 months. Yes, we must finish this game and deliver Hollywhoot on schedule. Like I mention in first paragraph, Ignite the spirit. I believe any appreciation from players, friends and all of you guys is priceless. It will ignite us to deliver the best from Hollywhoot.