Hollywhoot in Alpha Phase

Feb 8, 2018

On Closed Alpha Testing

Good news everyone! For fellow director out there, Hollywhoot is on closed alpha testing. Now, we’ve open for you to test the game exclusively, just email us your gmail to boydozan@joyseedgametribe.com with subject [Alpha Tester], we will sent the link to you. We’ve been developing this game for a year! We are aware that this build is not perfect yet, there are still lots of improvement that can be made, and there are bugs, optimization, and balancing issue to fix. In this build, the entire Hollywhoot major feature is already implemented. So we need your feedback, report and suggestion to make this game perfect for everyone to enjoy! We will work hard to make this game as perfect as possible.

Hollywhoot will be Ready in the Near FutureOn this February we will focus on implementing third party while also perfecting the game with all your suggestion, reports and feedbacks! The best thing is; Hollywhoot will be on Early Access in the near future, so you guys will able to try this game while actively give us feedback, just speak what is in your mind on how to improve Hollywhoot. As you played as Director, you will experience on how to produce your own movie Masterpiece! Follow the journey of being the best director in the world. Simulate your own directing style in movie using variety of diverse talents. Let the movie production progress on its own while you are doing your work or tap your screen like crazy, to fasten the progress. Be a part of exciting and thrilling path to discover all kinds of talents and create the best movie of all time. In the end follow our social media for Hollywhoot update, so you will be first person to know Hollywhoot ready in store!

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