Hollywhoot is In Early Access In Every Country!

Apr 19, 2018

Early access

Currently Hollywhoot is in early access and will be available globally now, please feel free to download your Hollywhoot, and support us through sending your thoughts to improve the game, so that we can make the Hollywhoot that will be perfect for you!

You can download Hollywhoot through here

Hollywhoot, the idle parody of film-making simulation.

Is an idle and simulation games combining the most exciting theme of movie and parody. In Hollywhoot, you as a player will be playing a director, stranded in the unknown yet exciting world of Hollywhoot, where you can experience familiarity of the real Hollywood, where are the great movie started. You can make your own movie masterpiece through simulating between your parody cast and genre, buying your own parody TV series, collecting all celebrity cards, and discovering your talent evolution!