iCandy has invested in Joyseed Gametribe

May 22, 2018

We are becoming part of iCandy family

We’re exciting to Announce that Joyseed Gametribe is becoming part of iCandy Interactive family. iCandy Interactive Ltd (ASX:ICI) Acquired our 70% stake . iCandy Interactive is an Australian Incorporated Public company that has core business in the developing and publishing of mobile games and entertainment to global audience. iCandy also run game studio in Malaysia and Singapore, well known as Appxplore and Inzen Studio. Joyseed will join with over 23 million games network, included Crab War, Alien Path, Light a Way, Star Tap and many more.

We believe this acquisition will help us grow faster

Learn better from mentorship with Appxplore and iCandy team. On the other hand, this acquisition will boost our resource and network from iCandy. As a junior, it’s very important step for us, to learn from experienced mentor and wide network from the group. We are well aware, we’re still a little seed on this industry. We’ve made lot of mistakes, but we will work hard to deliver our vision into games, to grow as a strong tree on this industry. We believe this acquisition will help us grow and execute our vision!

Right now our team on preparing to release Hollywhoot to Android and iOS estimated in July 2018. Meanwhile Hollywhoot is on early access worldwide in Play Store. Thanks for your support!

Let’s plant a joy together!