Hollywhoot Global Launch

Aug 8, 2018

Global Launch

Hollywhoot are available everywhere for everyone on 8 August for Google Play Store and will be available on 16 August for Apple App Store!. You can download Hollywhoot on Google Play and on App Store

What is Hollywhoot?

Hollywhoot is an idle and simulation games with elements of parody and movie making experience. Player will act as a promising passionate director who is stranded in strangely familiar world called Hollywhoot. As a director, you can cast talents and direct them to create your own great movie!!! Claim your revenue and you can manage your own casts and TV Shows. Ultimately discover varieties of parodied celebrities as your casts and also collect booster cards to help you be the best directors in Hollywhoot!

From Early Access to Launch.

It has been a long journey, over after one year of development, it has been very challenging and fun at the same time. Making mistakes, learning and improving have been mostly part of our journeys. As we are still very much green in game development, we tend to make mistakes a lot. Fortunately, we have you, players who have been actively gave us reports and feedbacks. Not only that, veteran and fellow game developers and game lovers have been very helpful to us analyzing of what we do not know and what should we do.

When we first have our first early access, we are still lack of preparation, which made us almost missed the deadline, but end up having to work until late nights. From there we keep on improving to have more proper releases, but still, we went through a lot of problems. Once, we have upload the game with a major bug, because we did not check it very thoroughly. We also recently have a problem where unexpectedly the texts are missing for some of the players, when we have just upload them. Thankfully the player who reported this, is actively communicating with us, that we are truly wanted to hug this player at that moment, but sadly the player is on the other side of the planet. Now, throughout this journey, we believe that we have improved much more and we believe that this moments are important for us to deliver our very best games for you. This marks the end of one chapter, but also the beginning of another. So we will still do our best to deliver the finest Hollywhoot and future games for you!

What next?

We are now in the process of adding lots of new exciting contents including the most anticipated new parodied casts, new features and also awesome events. We will also never forget to listen from you, all your feedbacks and critics, and with that in mind, together we will greatly improve Hollywhoot.

Lastly, we would like to say thank you once again for everyone who has been with us and playing our game since early access. All your feedbacks have been very wonderful and useful, we will try to improve with our best to make the game for you. For that, we are truly grateful!!! Be your own director in Hollywhoot!