Upcoming Joy

May 28, 2019

2 Titles Targeted For This Year

While our focus for last year is directed to launching and updating Hollywhoot, we started working on our second and third games since the beginning of this year. Our second game is called Wonderpants, this game is about rolling a massive unstoppable rock to destroy your enemies and defeat the big boss on the far side of the land. Our third game, codenamed “Kingdomtopia”, is a game about managing your kingdom to become the most prosperous kingdom ever.


Launch, roll and jump your way as far as you can. Play as Boulder Cobblestone, a big “Fashionable” Champion of the Rock Kingdom, chasing down Her Sharpness Empress Clipper across the Empire of Scissor to get his stolen heroic Wonderpants back. With the help of Pebble, your loyal sidekicks, crush the Scissors and get your Wonderpants back! Wonderpants take the setting of Rock, Scissor, Paper world. Where there was a long cold war between these Three Kingdoms. Our protagonist is the “Fashionable” champions from the Rock Kingdom whose Wonderpants collection get stolen by Her Sharpness Empress Clipper from the Empire of Scissor because she believes no one should be more fashionable than her.

With this game, we want to bring back the memories of old arcade and upgrade games from Flash & casual PC game golden era to a game specifically designed for mobile and combine that with our Joyseed Aesthetics, our standard for a beautiful heavy stylized 2D graphics and animation. To produce a game with such qualities, there are several criteria we have to achieve:

1.) Fun gameplay with depth

2.) Great touch control

3.) Able to play anywhere

4.) Scalable game design

Wonderpants is still under development and will be released to Early Access first this year.


After we developed and maintained Hollywhoot for some time, there are lots of lessons to be learned. In retrospect, if we are given a second chance to develop another idle game, we will do it very differently from the beginning. From this learning, we felt that we haven’t done yet with the idle game and we want to make something better this time. Dozens of discussions later, we come up with a very interesting idea, what could be a better idle game than being a king!? Being idle, getting served, make an order are what a king does, aren’t they? Besides, we believe everyone has dreamt of becoming a king at some point in their life.

To accomplish those feelings of becoming a king, we decided not to use just an average medieval kingdom theme. In Kingdomtopia, player will become the king of animals. On top of that, instead of telling a story of a warring kingdom, we want to tell a story of a peaceful kingdom whose only purpose is to rebuild and bring back their prosperous heritage without a conquest. The animals in Kingdomtopia comes from a far away land as a refugee of a massive flood which lay waste their entire kingdom. Fortunately, the king (player)and a few citizens managed to survive, and decided to settle in the new land and rebuild their kingdom. They hope to create a peaceful and the most prosperous kingdom ever and make all the citizens living happily again. This game is planned to be released near the end of this year.

Our team working hard to make these 2 games happen. Hopefully, we can deliver the best experience for you through these two games! Let’s plant a joy!