Our First Joy Camp

Feb 12, 2020

Joy Camp

Joy Camp is an internal annual event for “Ohana”, a friendly phrase that we use to address our colleague. This is our first camp, it is time to break and evaluate things that we’ve done in the past years. We picked a nice villa in Bogor, West Java, it was perfect for chit chat and of course barbequing.

Evaluation Time

The spirit is about celebration, not just successes but also failures. Our aim is to plan our 2020 better, so we sit, enjoy the moment and of course reflect our decision on past years. Plus, to make our plan even more tangible, we always listed all the takeaways and actionable that we must do next year.

These were some highlight of the event:

Kebun Raya Bogor adventure

We have some little tracking adventures in the Kebun Raya Bogor, exploring and taking selfies. Have a bit of exercise in a natural environment. 

Evaluation session

We open with Company Report in 2019, share all key metrics to the team, then we explore our failure in 2019 and celebrate achievements, increments, and mistakes. In the last session, we have personal sharing, open to each other, about anything happens or any insecurities. The session is very powerful to bonds our team.

BBQ time!

Time to a dinner party!

Joy Eve

We exchange presents with each other and celebrate the New Year season together. We’ve had a lot of fun here

2019 is a blast, we made a lot of mistakes obviously, but that’s the core of Joy Camp. We learn from our mistakes and getting better. This year we have 2 games to be released, it’s gonna be a challenging year. But, we are ready! Let’s plant joy together.