Rocky Rampage Global Launch

Apr 13, 2020

To Everyone that tried our early access, gave feedback, and pre-registered Rocky Rampage, thank you for your enormous support!

We want to announce that Rocky Rampage has officially launched today! We had the game in a Pre-Registration campaign since January 2020, and because of your tremendous support, we have obtained around 500k Pre-Registrations from both Google and Apple combined. We are so thrilled and we also want to apologize for the delay in the launch date which originally planned in February. We’ve made a lot of changes and pushed the release into this April in hopes that these changes will make you experience better gameplay!

Quick recap about Rocky Rampage

Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘em Up is a classic casual game with a modern twist. You will play as Boulder Cobblestone, the “Fashionable” Champion of the Rock Kingdom. One day his collection of heroic Wonderpants got stolen by the jealous Empire of Scissor. Enraged, he storms to the castle of Her Sharpness Empress Clipper and relentlessly crushes swarms of soldiers to get his Wonderpants back. With the help of Pebble, his trusty and ever-loyal sidekick, they will chase down Her Sharpness Empress Clipper to the end of the world. So roll as far as you can and get your Wonderpants back!

Rocky Rampage development Journey

When we developed Rocky Rampage back in early 2019, we were inspired by classic flash games like “Plant vs Zombie”, “Zuma”, “Bejewelled”, “Yeti Sport” and “Burrito Bison”. From that, we got an idea to develop this kind of arcade game which is more suitable for mobile devices. It started out as a prototype with the codename of “Bowling of Destruction”, a simple name which reflects the overall gameplay, “Roll and Destroy Everything in Your Way”. After several months of adding some thematic story and polishing the game, we finally moved into Early Access. At that time we went for “Wonderpants” as our initial title of the game. The name is heavily inspired by our main character who wears underpants to crush his enemies. In our Early Access period, we heard a lot of feedback. From that feedback, we constantly updated the game, implemented your feedback, added more vehicles, and so on. After 6 months of Early Access, we were ready to move into the next step, which is the Pre-Registration and Pre-Order on both Google Play and App Store. We originally planned to launch in February, but after hearing a lot of your feedback, we postponed the launch and made major changes to solve those issues. It took us around 4 months to implement these changes, and hopefully these refined changes from your feedback will improve your experience on Rocky Rampage.

Wonderpants to Rocky Rampage

While “Wonderpants” might sound fun and easy to remember, we realized we ought to change it due to several issues. First, the name doesn’t reflect our gameplay at all, hearing the name “Wonderpants” won’t give you the idea of “Destruction to Your Enemy” vibes. Secondly, there’s a diaper and underpants brand in Australia that has the same name, “Wonderpants”. Those reasons made us change the name into “Rocky Rampage: Wreck Em Up”, which we hope this new title better reflects what the game is about, while still remaining “Wonderpants” as our main character costumes.

What next? 

Currently we have 1 chapter that consists of 5 stages, but our artist has already worked on tons of updates for new chapters, stages, vehicles and abilities. We will also implement event quests with additional “Wonderpants” to add to your collection. There are more exciting things ahead, and we hope that you enjoy our game as your support and appreciation is what fuels us to do more!

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone that has been with us from the start, your feedback is what shapes our games to what it is now! We will tirelessly improve our game and create the best experience for you!

Keep rolling and Wreck Em Up! You can download here
Google Play link
App Store link