Rocky Rampage Chapter 2 Update

Jul 27, 2020

First and foremost, we are so thankful for your tremendous support and your enthusiasm for our game. We tried to listen to all your great feedback, and your feedback has been very helpful to us to improve our games. Since the global launch in April, we are blessed to have Rocky Rampage to be featured multiple times. Rocky Rampage has been featured in “New Indie Highlights”, “Game made in SEA”  and also featured as the front page in Apple Store and Play Store as well, and we are very thankful for that. So to repay your support, we want to announce that Rocky Rampage will have its next big update at the end of July on both IOS and Google Play. Hopefully through this update, we can give you what you want and have a great experience playing it.

Journey to Chapter 2

To whoever is waiting for several months and most of you that requested us this feature on the review section, the time has come upon us and all of you, chapter 2 will be our big next update! After hearing so many of you requested and hungry for chapter 2, we decided to have our next update to be Chapter 2. However though, before we were planning to have chapter 2 after the global launch, we actually were trying to have a new feature, to give all of you, our player, new experience and a new way to play, while you are waiting for the new content.  The new feature however still come short and require a lot of experiment and works to do, and we knew that a lot of you guys are waiting for Chapter 2, so we decided not to work on the new feature yet as we also do not want to give you a feature that is still not giving you the best experience and have a lot of faults.  So we decided to delay the new feature and focus all our efforts on chapter 2. That is one of the reasons we were not able to release Chapter 2 quickly, we are sorry for anyone that is waiting for so long, but do not worry, for the wait is over!

New playground and variety of new vehicles to play!

For chapter 2, we tried to give you as much content that we can update. There will be new bosses, new places and also new vehicles to play. Starting chapter 2, you will be able to see where the story continues from the last one, and then you will embark on this new journey on this new visual that you never see in chapter 1 before. Play different exciting vehicles that you can only find in chapter 2. We tried our best to create different and fun vehicles for you, for example, you can relieve your stress by smashing the ground of enemies below or you can do multiple cool flips that will catch you on fire!  So make sure to unlock all the new vehicles, upgrade Boulder, storm your way through all the castles, and defeat the new boss, to have the maximum experience of chapter 2! 

What next? 

As we have chapter 2 going live, we will try our best to maintain it, and keep it fun. We will always try to fasten our work for new contents. There are also new wonderpants in the planning, so wait for our new exciting experience with the new wonderpants.  There are more exciting ideas ahead, and hopefully we can share with you all these fun and new ideas on the next updates.

Lastly, do not forget to give us more feedback,  we will always hear your feedback, and we will try our best to respond to you, digest it and improve Rocky Rampage together with you. So, I hope you enjoy these big updates that we have been working hard on. Thank you very much for supporting us all this time and keep loving on Rocky Rampage as well

Keep rolling and Wreck Em Up! You can update here at the end of July
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