Kingdomtopia Global Launch

Sep 8, 2020

The day has finally come! We are thankful for everyone who has tried our game in early access and participated in our pre-registration campaign. We want to announce that Kingdomtopia: The Idle King has officially launched today!

Since we pre-registered it in late august we felt the heartwarming support from our players and gathered around 300,000 pre-registration! We are so thrilled and feel supported as well, seeing feedback from our players keep coming day by day!

Introducing Kingdomtopia: The Idle King

For those of you who are not our beta tester, we want to elaborate what Kingdomtopia is. Kingdomtopia is an Idle Incremental game, where players played as King Snow, the current King of Kingdomtopia. He is in charge of managing Kingdomtopia since his father died in the fierce battle of mysterious enemies. Along with his trusty and loyal advisor Pugg, he must rebuild the fallen Kingdom to its former glory! So follow along the idle ruling style of King Snow and help them fix the citizens’ problems!

Kingdomtopia Development

Kingdomtopia is heavily inspired by Adventure Capitalist and Cash Inc. Since Joyseed has made Hollywhoot before, we feel that we can apply something that we learned from making idle games before to Kingdomtopia. Additionally, we think that casual incremental games need some role-playing in it, and being a King is everyone’s dream, therefore the Kingdom theme is settled. After settling up with the Kingdom theme, we didn’t stop there, we need other differentiation, and we think that Kingdom of animal is cute and suitable for flexibility in character development. After we settled the theme, we now move on to our USP (unique selling point), by looking at our theme and settings, a story where we have to rebuild the Kingdom is quite compelling, so we add in story to introduce our features.

We face some challenges in our development as well. There are some team member changes and shifting direction. These changes made Kingdomtopia’s development longer than it should. In fact, there are days when we almost give up on Kingdomtopia, the direction keeps changing, some new members joining the team in the middle of development, and short on people as well. The journey is unpleasant, but the team believes in the potential and so do Joyseed. We then reconstruct our documentation, revisit our visual development and milking our passion once more to the game. Right now, we still feel that Kingdomtopia needs a lot of improvement, but the direction is now settled and there are also a lot of feedback from real players, these are the fuel to make Kingdomtopia a better Kingdom for all our players!

What next?

Kingdomtopia: The Idle King will be released in September 2020, see you then, citizens!

We still have a lot of “homework” thanks to our players feedback that is longing for active gameplay and faster progression. After launch we will still be maintaining our feedback loop and also compiling those feedback. Roughly we will design more things to do while you are in game and will progress you faster. Thank you and see you in the Kingdom!

You can enter Kingdomtopia from android and IOS using these link:

Google Play Link

App Store Link