Kingdomtopia Celebrating The Year of the OX

Feb 8, 2021

It’s been a while since we are launching Kingdomtopia on both android and iOS. We are focusing on improving the game services since then. In this important moment, we want to share how we can come out with our very first even in the game or even in the company so far.

Making Content in between Improvements

For the past couple of months, we are focusing on fixing the retention, getting the funnel better for the players. Our roadmaps are full with tweaking FTUE. We then tweak the chapter requirements, breaking down the core objectives of the game and making changes based on phases, starting from the simple tweak like changing the tutorial to match our reference (AdCap and Cash Inc).

Phase one was quite successful, the funnel showed that more people are converting to the core gameplay. Then we start to jump to phase 2, in which we will change the triggers for some bonuses like monkey whisper and intro to timewarp, we switch them to match our player playstyle, and yes phase 2 is showing an increase in retention and the funnel as well.

Shortly we still have phase 3 incoming, which we are going to incentivize players to reach chapter 2 quickly, but we then realize that it is almost Christmas and we didn’t even think of something for Christmas, we then quickly plan our next even along with those improvements, creating a pitch deck for Apple and Google altogether.

CNY Event Start (5 feb – 18 feb)

As this is our first event, we don’t want to make it complicated also we were thinking of some kind of event that can help the player go through our hardest chapters, so we create a simple login rewards event, it is not big, but it secures us a place in iOS South East Asia Featuring. Here is some of the detailed features:

Visual Changes

There are several visual changes that impact, like fireworks on the castle, lampions on each district, lotus flower on the river, and even red hongbao paper plane.

Login Rewards Event

Players can login each day to get some rewards, just by listening to each mayors story, this will also help us pump up some retention and help them progress further through our chapters.

You can download and play the CNY event here:

Google Play Link

App Store Link