Product Manager


As a Product Manager, you will lead the development team to deliver a profitable product. You will be in charge of product development lifecycle from conception to release to maintaining a live-service game. Highly valuable products are the heart of Joyseed, and delivering such products is your main responsibility.

You will analyze consumer needs and current market trends. You will assess current competitor offerings, seeking opportunities for differentiation. You will appraise new product ideas and strategize appropriate to-market plans


You have :

  • Proven experience overseeing all elements of a product development lifecycle
  • Work experience in game development or software development
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Great people skills and leadership skills


  • Understanding of F2P business model


  • Please send us the link of products you’ve led and explain your involvement in it.

We are glad if you can fill most of the requirements, but above all things, we value your good attitude and your drive to be better. We want our employees to take joy in their work, and this includes you!


  • We’re all about growth, by having Guilds waiting for you to join and grow together!
  • We work hard and play hard, having Joy-Night every Wednesday, you won’t just experience work but experiencing bond of a family as well.
  • We facilitate your interest, having Joy-Free-Time once a month to have a chance making your idealist ideas.
  • Lastly, we want you to enjoy making games that will make a huge impact on others!

Joyseed isn’t just a game company. We are passionate and persistent about who we are. As a part of a growing company, you will sometimes experience ups and downs. We believe the best lesson we can give is by providing you the real-world experience.


Prepare your documents and apply by clicking on this link: Product Manager Application.
We hope to hear good news from you!!