Joyseed X Agate Academy Partnership

Mar 5, 2021

Hey everyone, we have some good news for this week. This week we just sign a partnership with Agate Academy. Agate Academy is a movement to nurture everyone to have a career in the game industry, this movement is from Agate International, one of the biggest Indonesian game development companies.

What Kinds of Partnership?

Agate Academy having several programs to training / help everyone having a career in this industry. Like Dilo Game Academy, Indigo Game Startup Incubation, etc. The partnership is where every job opening from Joyseed will be blasted to all channels from Agate Academy, especially from Dilo Game Academy.

Hopefully with this partnership, a talented individual from Dilo Game Academy, having opportunities to work in the Indonesian game industry through Joyseed, and another partner as well. We are looking forward to having applications from Dilo Game Academy alumni and grow the Indonesian game industry together.