Rocky Rampage 1st Anniversary

Apr 19, 2021

1 year ago, we released Rocky Rampage on 7th April 2020 in Google Play and App Store. This month our game Rocky Rampage celebrates its 1st anniversary. Developed back in early 2019, going to Early Access in mid-2019, and run pre-register campaign with 500k+ pre-registration. Finally release globally in April 2020. We want to thank all our players, and supporters who trying and play our games. Thank you for your support and the positive energy you deliver to us

1 Year After Release

Currently, Rocky Rampage has been downloaded by over 750k users around the world. We release this game while working from home due to pandemics, time flies so fast. Once again big thanks to all of our players. We got lof updates since we release like:

  • From version 0.2.9 until version 2.2.1
  • Added chapter 2, with a ton of new vehicle and mechanic
  • Added challenge mode
  • Added research menu
  • Added gadget
  • Added super power

And more in the future. We have an exciting new future on development for all of our players. Maybe one of you realize is a new launcher will be added to our game, new wonderpants and etc. So stay tuned, and keep rolling!

Ohayoo Partnership

Started in May 2021 our game will be published by Ohayoo. Ohayoo is the sister company of Bytedance. They have a lot of experience in mobile games with titles like Wooble Man and Rooster Defense. Hopefully this partnership able to expand Rocky Rampage even more. Currently, our development team implements Korean and Japanese localization. Hopefully, with this new localization, we can reach our players in Korea and Japan.

Let’s celebrate this 1st Rocky Rampage anniversary together, and help us to keep rolling in our game. So someday, Rocky Rampage will reach its 10th year anniversary in a scale we never imagine before.
Thank you our player! Let’s keep rolling!