Game Programmer


As a Game Programmer, you will work in an independent, cross-discipline team to bring game designs and art to life. You will put your logical brain and creative thoughts to the highest, while working collaboratively with highly skilled team members. You will also build, deliver, and maintain Joyseed’s game to the users.

Your work will not be limited to typing on a keyboard and grabbing the mouse. We encourage you to try and explore new things with the team. We want you to grow together with us, making sure that you will become better even after your employment.


You have :

  • 1-3 years of experience working in Unity with proven portfolio of published games
  • Familiarity in mobile games development process
  • Knowledge in prototyping, developing, and maintaining games from start to finish
  • Knowledge in version control system


  • Familiarity with optimizing mobile games
  • Familiarity with Unity technical art aspect
  • Familiarity with third party services such as Analytics, In-App Purchase, Live Operations, etc.
  • Knowledge in developing iOS games / applications


  • Please send us the link of games you’re working on, and explain your role in it.


  • We’re all about growth, by having Guilds waiting for you to join and grow together!
  • We work hard and play hard, having Joy-Night every Wednesday, you won’t just experience work but experiencing bond of a family as well.
  • We facilitate your interest, having Joy-Free-Time once a month to have a chance making your idealist ideas.
  • Lastly, we want you to enjoy making games that will make a huge impact on others!

Joyseed isn’t just a game company. We are passionate and persistent about who we are. As a part of growing company, you will sometimes experience ups and downs. We believe the best lesson we can give is by providing you the real-world experience.


Prepare your documents and apply by clicking on this link: Game Programmer Application.
We hope to hear good news from you!!