Rocky Rampage Evolution

Jul 9, 2021

Looking back to the earliest version of Rocky Rampage, it already becomes a very different game. Especially in 2021, there are so many big changes that we believe will make the game more awesome!

Challenge Mode

This is one of the biggest new features we add this year. After completing a Chapter, you can now reset the progress on that Chapter and face a bigger challenge with a bigger reward in the form of Research Points. You can then spend the Research Points for Research upgrades.


With the introduction of Challenge Mode, we introduce another upgrade that will help you regardless of any chapter you play and it doesn’t get reset any time you enter new Challenge Mode.

There are 3 types of Research:

  • Perks: this is similar to the upgrades you found in each Chapter plus some upgrades you can’t find anywhere else, e.g. upgrades for Booster
  • Super Power: Feeling that you constantly need extra help? Buy this upgrades to get a chance of receiving a game changing help during a run
  • Launcher: With this Research, you can add other types of boar in your arsenal that’s not just stronger but also have extra ability

Other Changes

  • New Ninja Wonderpants, it lets you to throw shurikens when jumping
  • Airdrop cooldown can now be skipped
  • Additional revive on top of Dynamite Booster
  • Options to remove Ads using Premium Pass Ring
  • Japanese translation
  • Traditional Chinese translation

Thanks for all the love from our fans, it is what inspires us to always innovate, making the game better and even more lovable!

You can get the latest version of Rocky Rampage here:
Google Play link
App Store link