Joyseed participate in TGS 2021 & Gamescom 2021

Sep 30, 2021

As the pandemic is slowly getting better in our country, it is significantly harder to gather everyone from around the world to join a big conference that is usually held without problems. This year those opportunities came back and we had a chance to join in as well. Thanks to Archipelageek and AGI from the Indonesian government, we are able to connect with other devs, publishers and IP holding companies around the globe.

Joyseed was able to join 2 of the events, one is Gamescom 2021 and now is Tokyo Game Show 2021 that is still ongoing until October 2021. In Gamescom we are also able to connect with publishers, IP holders and also have a chance to present our industry landscape in the demo day in Twitch platform, even though not all games have the chance to show the demo but we are glad that this creates a lively cycle between local and global developers. Thanks to AGI, the government, and Archipelageek program to make this happens.

We know that many Indonesian game studios have marked their name globally. Games like Coffee Talk from Toge, have begun their march to the global market. With this online conference, we hope that Indonesian developers are more visible to global markets and at the end, achieve our greatest goal of competing with the global game industry.