Senior Unity Programmer


  • Developing, iterating, and maintaining game systems and features in Unity
  • Executing and implementing features for our games, and working on tools that empower the team
  • Improving system stability by following and encouraging best practices like agile development and test-driven development
  • Collaborating on system design
  • Participating in peer code reviews
  • Contributing to the decisions that shape our games and the company by giving as well as receiving feedback
  • Communicating and solving mathematics and physics-based problems effectively
  • Managing and mentoring a team of Engineers
  • Maintaining and sharing knowledge with the engineering team about cutting edge industry trends in software engineering and process
  • Working on a successful free-to-play game and exposure to engineering needs across the complete lifecycle.


  • Shipped multiple features and projects in a live environment
  • 4+ years of development experience
  • Strong knowledge of 3D game development programming paradigms
  • Strong knowledge about math used in 3D games
  • Experience with Unity and C#, proven with your portfolios
  • A strong working knowledge of development and tools for Unity and also in optimizing the game performance
  • Experience with asynchronous programming and handling request from/to server
  • The experience to tackle or lead a team in any system or area of client side game development
  • Good leadership and communication skills


  • Have the background to lead an engineering team in technical design, planning, task delegation and time estimation.
  • Be knowledgeable about graphical aspects of game development including shaders.


Prepare your documents and apply by clicking on this link: Senior Unity Programmer Application

We hope to hear good news from you!