Senior 2D Game Artist


  • Create game-ready 2D assets
  • Collaborate with fellow artists, team leads, tech and design teams to produce 2D assets & integrate them into the final playable product
  • Collaborate with fellow artists to create game-ready animations
  • Validate & assess fellow 2D artist’s work


  • 1-3 years experience of 2D game development
  • Able to follow an existing art style
  • Familiarity in mobile games development process
  • Understand basic UI/UX
  • Able to translate game ideas to concept art
  • Able to create animation-ready game assets in Photoshop
  • Knowledge in creating animation with Spine


  • Knowledge in unity game engine
  • Knowledge in version control tools like sourcetree and git
  • Knowledge in texture packer


Prepare your documents and apply by clicking on this link: Senior 2D Game Artist Application

We hope to hear good news from you!