Game is our passion, Join us to make the biggest Gametribe 

Let's sow and plant a joy, join our tribes

Falling in love with video games? Want to deliver the best experience for gamers? Then Joyseed might is the best place for you. Located in Jakarta, contained the best team in the region with lot of excited projects and the best environment

Our Core Values

User Experience First

Focus on delivering the best interactive game experience. Own a player mindset first is our priority.

Quality is King

Always shoot for greatness on everything. We always try to maximize effort efficiently and approach each task carefully and seriously everytime

Long Term Mindset

Strong focus on building an everlasting product and intellectual property while make smart decision to benefit long-term business

Care Personally, Challenge Directly

Genuinely support others with compassion, Actively seek and solicit feedback from others

Think Innovatively

Think critically and find solutions in the most creative ways. Think about failure as a learning opportunity

It's Not About Yourself

Puts the team above themselves, Own a strong drive to work shoulder-to-shoulder. We believe teamwork is above of all, Be responsible and maintain the integrity

No Crunch, Lunch Together, Joy Talk, Joy Night, Joy League and lot of interesting activity

We have lot of interesting activity, from having fun together till activity to improve our personal growth.

Current Position

Multiplayer Programmer (Unity)

Multiplayer Programmer (Unity)

Responsibilities Developing, iterating, and maintaining real-time multiplayer game systems and features in UnityImproving real-time multiplayer system stability by following and encouraging best practicesCommunicating and solving mathematics and physics-based problems...

Intern Quality Assurance

Intern Quality Assurance

Responsibilities Responsible for making sure that our games flawless, either from unintentional behavior, or bad experience for our player later. Act as our first-hand player, and aiding us by giving us reports and feedback about the games. You will put your critical...